Airplane Crash Lawsuits

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Dealing with Insurance Companies

If you've been injured in an accident, you may have medical bills to pay. You may also have lost wages because you couldn't work. If another person caused the...Read more

Each Mass and Public Transit Accide...

There are many different kinds of public and mass transportation, which complicates lawsuits for personal injuries involving vehicular accidents. The rules fo...Read more

Medical Records Are Important in a ...

Failure to act with reasonable care is considered negligence. When you are injured because of someone's negligence, you may file a personal injury claim askin...Read more

Airplane Crash Lawsuits

Airplane Crash Lawsuits

Toxic Air Suits Can Come from Problem Indoor or Outdoor Air

Toxic air lawsuits are a relatively recent development in personal injury law. This type of lawsuit comes in two varieties: cases involving outdoor air pollution and cases involving indoor air quality ... Read more

The Clean Water Act Can Stop Water Pollution

Lawsuits involving water pollution can be brought under federal or state law. Water contamination is a public health concern that can affect people at great distances from the origin of the problem. I ... Read more

When to Sue When Pesticides Injure You

Pesticides are used widely in agriculture, landscaping, and gardening, as well as inside homes and offices. They kill insects that destroy crops, damage buildings, or carry diseases. When handled impr ... Read more

Fracking for Energy Resources Comes at a Legal Price

One of the newest ways to access local energy resources has become a growing area of environmental liability. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is the process of releasing underground gases through d ... Read more

Gluten: Not “Free” of Regulation

Gluten refers to the proteins that occur naturally in wheat, rye, barley and crossbreeds of these grains. The U.S. market for gluten-free products has grown rapidly, reaching $4.2 billion in 2013. It ... Read more

Additional Airplane Crash Lawsuits Topics

Additional Airplane Crash Lawsuits Topics