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Haddonfield Criminal Lawyers Discuss Bill That Will Restrict the Use of Aerial Drones

New Jersey lawmakers have advanced a package of three bills that will restrict the use of aerial drones within the state. Drone owners will be required to register their devices in a national database ... Read more

Oregon Timber Worker Blew The Whistle On Helicopter Spray Practices

Five months after timber worker Darryl Ivy blew the whistle on his employer’s helicopter spray practices in Oregon’s forests, the state Department of Agriculture has proposed revoking the ... Read more

The Law of the Beehive: Drones Create New Legal Buzz

Coming soon to the sky near you may be a modern-day honeybee, aka an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the official name of a "drone." UAVs have made an important appearance at each of these re ... Read more

Did an Accident Worsen Your Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

Often the violence and force of a car crash resurrects or worsens an old condition or injury. Many victims of car crashes believe that they cannot be compensated for this type of injury, but the law p ... Read more

Can You Understand Your Insurance Benefits by Simply Reading the Policy Yourself?

To make a long story short, you cannot tell what benefits you are entitled to just by reading the insurance policy yourself. The language of insurance policies is often designed to be confusing or mis ... Read more

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